My love

Friday, September 12 7pm first time.

I can see u at the front door, we see into each other but can’t say anything, i so fucking want you, all yours; My grandmother is talking me something that i really don’t remember, maybe some about a phone, ¡i do not care! “My love, bye…have a nice dreams, tomorrow is your birthday” i tought. I go to my room and think what will you do: ¿Sleep? ¿Eat? ¿Think out?

Friday, September 12 9pm

I almost get in to the bed and the phone sounds “beeps” 2 times, only can be you. I wrote “yes” and i was ready on a second for you. I call you and say: ¿Where are you? Nobody can see us together tonight; i came on the stairs in silence, open the door, just the littles frogs and crickets make me company. A car came close and i get up instantaneus, i look and you are beautifully like always, the road was very long because u doesn’t kiss me…maybe for your friend, how’s was driving.

Friday, Sep 12, 11pm

I din’t have a xtra-pants and you tell me: were we going now…is a pool and i will get u in. So crazy was that. My love, ur lips are the best place to be, to be and be. When we get to the home i din’t know were we was, i don’t care because i was so relaxed. You give me a glass with licor, my favorite: rum. Maybe i wasn’t ready but i kiss you, i make you shy. End of the night i tought.

Friday, Sep 13 1am.

I put the rhythm and the rest is job for the instint, i look to my side and you aren’t there, “¿Were have u been?” i ask and you tell me that you was outside. “Came with me” you said.

Friday, Sep 13 3am

We smoked some cigarretes and i kiss you then, maybe wasn’t the right thing. That night you tell me that your heart was ocuipped.

Friday, Sep 13 4:35am

I arrive home drunk, confused, tired and happy and the same time. You are the neighbor that i always want have.



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